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Set Up Your Student Workspace To Inspire Productivity

By Guest Contributor   July 18, 2012

by CORT Furniture

When it comes to keeping an organized workspace in college, many students have to learn the hard way that cleanliness is next to godliness. A disorganized space can be the cause of many distractions and ultimately hinder your concentration and productivity. Along with keeping your physical workspace organized, your schedule should be organized as well. This can be effective in terms of improving your productivity and grades alike. Here are a few organization tips that will give you piece of mind and improve your studying behaviors at the same time.

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The Roaming Home: Tips For The Post-College Purge

By Guest Contributor   June 21, 2012

by CORT Rental Furniture

Ready, Set…
You’ve done it. That piece of paper worth thousands of dollars is framed on the wall, and you’re out in the world as a full-fledged college graduate. Life is no longer sorted into semesters and summers. It is suddenly transient and uncertain. If you have a job, more power to you, but if not – just as likely in today’s economy – you’re on the job hunt. As you and your roommates go separate ways, you’re on the hunt for a new apartment as well. Craigslist, PadMapper, and are your new best friends. And when the time to move actually arrives, you look forward to it about as much as you would a root canal. However, there are ways to lessen the pain of the big move. Here are a few:

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Summer Storage For The Traveling Student: 5 Things To Look For

By Matthew Stites   April 12, 2012

If you’re studying abroad or just leaving town for some R&R at home, you’re going to need self-storage to house the belongings you don’t have room for in your suitcase. In preparation for your summer plans, we’ve made a list of the top five things to look for in a facility for student self-storage.

1. Promotional prices. Summer is a competitive season for self-storage facilities, and many will be offering short-term promotions to attract students like you. Shop online for storage unit prices and discounts, and don’t forget to check the social networks for coupons and contests. → Keep Reading

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Matt’s Guide To Study Abroad Scholarships

By Matthew Stites   April 3, 2012

All students have their reasons for studying abroad— learning a language, volunteering for a humanitarian organization, or interning with a global company. All need money to fund their adventures. In conjunction with SpareFoot’s Spare Funds Scholarship announcement, I’m here to offer some useful advice about the scholarship process for any and all college kids going abroad. I should know, because I’m doing it myself now in preparation for my own study abroad adventure in Costa Rica this summer. → Keep Reading

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Featured City: Boston Self-Storage

By Christina Qiu   May 25, 2011

As the largest city in New England, Boston has something to offer everyone. For the history junkie, the architecture that lines Freedom Trail is a reminder of Boston’s colonial beginnings. For the forward-thinker, the bustling streets of downtown showcase Boston’s modern economic prowess. As an intellectual hub, the city boasts 52 colleges and universities. As a center for sports, it is home to the Red Sox and the Celtics. With such diverse attractions, it’s easy to see why people are drawn to the city. As the population continues to grow, we’re willing to bet a lot of Bostonians need self-storage. At SpareFoot, we hear a lot of questions about Boston self-storage from our customers, so we’ve decided to share some locally specific hints for moving and self-storage.

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Self-Storage 101 For College Students

By Rachel Greenfield   May 20, 2011

Everyone around you is cramming for finals, selling their books and packing up their dorms and apartments. Or maybe all of that already happened weeks ago, and now you’re stranded between leases for the summer with nowhere to put your stuff. No matter how far in advance you plan (or not) for the summer, it’s always a period of transition for students and their possessions. That’s why self-storage is such a popular solution this time of year. The earlier you can book your unit, the better, but even a last-minute move into storage will go smoothly if you know how to prepare and what to expect.

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