In the Wake of SXSW Tragedy, Austin Must Rock On

By John Egan   March 13, 2014

SXSW tragedy

My heart melted a little this morning when I hopped online and checked my Twitter feed. There, on my computer screen, was a tweet that at first seemed unreal. It said that overnight, two people had been killed and nearly two dozen had been injured when an alleged drunk driver plowed through a crowd at South by Southwest here in Austin. As I quickly found out, the news was, sadly, true.

Dead are a man from the Netherlands, Steven Craenmehr, who was riding a bicycle, and an Austin woman, Jamie West, who was riding a motor scooter.

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Hey, Jimmy Kimmel! Here Are SpareFoot’s Picks for Best Barbecue in Austin

By John Egan   

Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo

On March 11, late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel aired a segment featuring his trek with sidekick Guillermo to track down the best barbecue in Austin. That’s a tall order, to be sure.

Jimmy and Guillermo (pictured above) chowed down on some of Austin’s finest barbecue at four spots: Franklin Barbecue, La Barbecue, Micklethwait Craft Meats and John Mueller Meat Co. The duo porked out on brisket, ribs and other barbecued meats, with Guillermo grumbling at the final stop that he was stuffed.

In the end, Jimmy wimped out and picked all four barbecue joints as the “winner.” Here at SpareFoot, we aren’t wimpy when it comes to barbecue. We’re not afraid to say which barbecue spots we worship.

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Dear Paul Resnikoff: Why Austin Isn’t ‘Very Sucky’

By John Egan   September 11, 2013

i love you so much austin

I’m not a regular reader of Digital Music News. Yes, I enjoy music, but not enough to read about it in-depth. A few days ago, I somehow stumbled upon a Digital Music News article with this headline: “10 Reasons Why Austin Is Starting to Suck.”

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Host Chario 2013

By Jenny Zhang   April 16, 2013


Every year during South by Southwest, our co-founders Chuck and Mario rent out their apartment on Airbnb and solicit the generous hearts of various SpareFoot employees for lodging, in an event they dub “Host Chario.” The two rapscallions stay with a different SpareFooter every night for the length of SXSW, offering their culinary skills and good company in exchange for a warm bed at night–and tape their misadventures along the way. This is the true story of two co-founders picked to live in a house, cook together and have their lives taped to find out what happens when people stop being polite…and start getting real. This is Host Chario 2013:

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Hipster or Homeless: Who Robbed Our Co-Founder?

By Jenny Zhang   March 14, 2013


South by Southwest is in full swing, which means that Sixth Street is clogged with bodies at such previously innocent and innocuous times as 11:00am. If you walk past The Thirsty Nickel and don’t hear “when I say Mary, you say Jane” erupting from the speakers, then clearly you’re not doing it right. Unfortunately, the influx of humans also means an increase in crime. On Tuesday night, SpareFoot’s COO and Co-Founder Mario Feghali returned to his car to find that it had been broken into, and that he had been robbed of some truly prized possessions.

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Ryan Gosling, Google Glass, and Dance Frenzy: The SpareFoot Party Recap

By Jenny Zhang   March 11, 2013


Is there anything more cruel than the cold reality of daylight saving time colliding with the aftermath of The SpareFoot Party? This thought ran sluggishly through my mind on Sunday (yes, Sunday) morning as my bloodshot eyes opened, screaming, to sunlight. In case you missed it, The SpareFoot Party happened on Friday (March 8), kicking off Interactive with deafening electronic beats and tasty, irresponsible libations.
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Renting Out Your Home During SXSW? Here’s What You Need To Know

By Jenny Zhang   March 7, 2013


In just less than a day, thousands of people will descend upon Austin with their badges, cameras, and unbridled enthusiasm to explore every inch of our city for South by Southwest. Say goodbye to Hopdoddy, Franklin BBQ, and East Side King–they’ll be inundated by swarms of Anthony Bourdain enthusiasts and self-proclaimed foodies. Are you ready, Austin?

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SpareFoot’s In-House SXSW Experts Guide The Rest of Your Week: How to Save Money, Time, Effort at SXSW

By Matthew Stites   March 13, 2012

SPARE BEATS has come and gone, and we’ve recovered enough to turn to the next phase of chaotic culture consumption at SXSW. Using the collective street-sauvoir-faire of the Austin-based SpareFoot team, I’ve compiled an unofficial guide to free food, sweet shows, and hidden local gems to guide the rest of your time here. → Keep Reading

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SPARE BEATS Shout-out: Theory Hair Salon

By Matthew Stites   March 9, 2012

We’re just a few days away from blowing the roof off Molotov at SpareFoot’s epic SXSW party and DJ showcase, SPARE BEATS. We know the club wouldn’t be bumping nearly as much without the support of our awesome sponsors. Our shout-out today goes to Theory Hair Salon— hip, fashionable and always down for a great show.

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Announcing SPARE BEATS: Our SXSW Party

By Rachel Greenfield   January 26, 2012

SpareFoot and Uncle Bob’s present SPARE BEATS, a day-to-night unofficial SXSW Interactive party and live DJ showcase. It will be free and open to the public with Do512 RSVP, with drink specials (including hosted bar by Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum) and Dogwood food galore.

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