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Hail to the Chief–and to Austin

By John Egan   May 8, 2013


Welcome back to Austin, President Obama. We know you’ve been here before, and we know you’ll probably come back again. We know you’re coming here this time to promote economic growth and job creation; in our not-so-humble opinion, you couldn’t have come to a better place to kick off your “Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity” tour.

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Meet the SpareFeet: Multi-talented SEO Pro Tony

By Jenny Zhang   November 13, 2012

Here at SpareFoot, our employees are self-storage superheroes by day and super superheroes by night. Meet Tony: Father, rock-climber, and one-time reality show villain. Tony is a marketing manager at the office, but any number of things outside it— including Olympic hopeful and newfound board game fanatic.

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Meet The SpareFeet: Air Wade

By John Donegan   October 15, 2012

Many of our team members, like Support & Implementation Intern Wade, eschew desk chairs in favor of oversized exercise balls. We’re talking exercise balls that are more commonly seen in Jane Fonda workout videos than in offices, but SpareFoot is not your average office. And Wade is not your average intern.

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Puppies of SpareFoot: Dax

By John Donegan   August 7, 2012

At home, Dax is extremely close with his two feline brothers, Cyrano and Romeo. Whenever we’re fortunate enough to have him around the SpareFoot office, Dax also nuzzles up to us, simultaneously lowering productivity and raising morale. Operations Manager Erin found this charming Husky/Retriever at the Bastrop Animal Shelter in 2011, and has enjoyed parenting ever since.

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SpareFoot, A History: Our Tech Startup Over The Years

By John Donegan   July 26, 2012

Before leaving to study abroad in Singapore his junior year, Chuck realized he would need storage space for his furniture and other belongings. A traditional storage unit would cost hundreds of dollars— his dad pointed out that rent on the unit would cost more than the worth of its contents. He ended up storing his stuff in spare closets and garages of friends, including that of best friend and future co-founder, Mario. An idea was born.

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Meet The SpareFeet: Genivieve!

By John Donegan   July 12, 2012

A true Renaissance woman, Genivieve (aka Geni) does a little bit of everything here at SpareFoot. I’m not the only one who has noticed the Office Manager’s extraordinary work ethic, as CEO Chuck recently presented her with the BigFoot Award, an award given out every month to an employee who has performed exceptionally well. A recent transplant to Austin from upstate New York, Geni now stars in our first Meet The SpareFeet profile.

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9 Hip Tips For Car Shipping

By Guest Contributor   July 9, 2012

by Collin Bass

Having a professional auto carrier ship your car or truck is a convenient and reliable way to move it across the country. You might take advantage of the service when you’re relocating, moving a vehicle out of car storage, or buying a vehicle from a distance. Here are uShip’s top tips for getting a great deal and ensuring your vehicle is shipped quickly and safely.

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5 Tips for Stress-Free Summer Moving From uShip

By Rachel Greenfield   June 22, 2012

by Collin Bass, uShip

In the U.S., the summer season running from May to August is the busiest time of year for relocation, as families take off from work and school. Even with a break from work to move, however, moving your home and everything in it can quickly become a stressful, costly and time-consuming task. Thankfully, by planning in advance and taking just a few basic precautions, you can avoid stress and delays. Here are our top five tips:

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SpareFoot Takes Silver, Bleeds Gold (#FFCC00) In Summer Startup Olympics

By John Donegan   June 12, 2012

In blistering Texas heat, hundreds of representatives from eight Austin-based tech start-ups congregated at the Krieg Softball Complex to compete in the Summer Start-Up Olympics. The summer games tested the athletic prowess of SpareFoot, Boundless, Adlucent, WhaleShark, BuildASign, MassRelevance, SpredFast, and UShip as they fought with tug-of-war ropes, burlap sacks and egg-filled spoons. The kickball fields, basketball court, tetherball arena, and race tracks were covered in blood, sweat and beer by the end of the day.

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