Austin’s Startup Scene: The Hottest in the USA

By John Egan   July 22, 2013


When it comes to which U.S. startup hub is the hottest of the hottest, guess which city comes out on top? Our very own hometown of Austin, TX.

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SpareFoot + Beer: The Pursuit of Hoppiness in Austin

By Jenny Zhang   June 25, 2013

dog and duck pub

Texas lawmakers recently passed Senate Bill 515, which allows brew pubs to sell their beer to distributors, who can then sell to grocery stores and other outlets. This is great news for local brew pubs, who previously could sell beer only on-site.

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Where Can You Live Without Paying State Income Taxes?

By John Egan   June 18, 2013


You love paying income taxes, right? If you answer yes to that question, then you need to have your head examined. No one I know loves to see taxes deducted from their paychecks. And with all of the news lately about the IRS targeting certain conservative groups, even more people are fuming about forking over money to the government.

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Family Photo Storage: How To Prevent Scratches, Fading, Water Damage

By Tony Emerson   December 12, 2011

This summer, the central Texas region experienced a serious drought that culminated in extremely destructive wildfires that raged through most of September. Although the fires didn’t reach our office in downtown Austin, families in neighboring cities like Bastrop, TX lost their homes. I always think about how emotionally trying it must be to evacuate your home in an event like this, where you may only be able to bring along an armful of your most treasured, irreplaceable belongings.

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Adventures In Storage, Episode 10: Kryan

By Rachel Greenfield   September 12, 2011

Welcome back to the self-storage blog reality series that will change the game forever. From the people who didn’t bring you Storage Wars or Auction Hunters comes a new mixed-media series, chronicling the adventures of 18 Internet start-up nerds on a quest to master their own product. It works like this: Duos of SpareFoot employees move a pile of weird, disturbing and occasionally hazardous items from one storage facility to the next around Austin. Each team adds their own stuff to the pile along the way, and everyone gets to experience self-storage and figure out how our site can make it easier for future customers. Boom.

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